Our first products, currently in development, will provide novel and innovative new technologies that will increase crop yields and support emerging trends in biotechnology, establishing a new standard for accuracy of seed spacing and singulation, skip prevention and critical seed depth.

This will accomplish an early and consistent plant emergence, resulting in increased grower yields. Our products are novel with patent-pending attributes.

Patent-Pending Technologies

Technology Description and Points of Difference to Conventional Equipment Start Date End Date
AGS-1 Planter Row Unit A twin-row configurable row unit with new technologies to improve seed depth accuracy and reduced planting trench side-wall compaction. Read more. Jan-2016 Dec-2019
High-Pressure Fertilizer Injector System Delivers nutrients to the correct location and depth of plant root with more accuracy and consistency during critical growth stages, without additional soil openers, right into the furrow. Sep-2017 Dec-2018
GenieSys Multi-Hybrid Precision Seed Meter Precisely singulates seed with skip protection. Configures to multi-hybrid planting with a single vacuum chamber, instantaneously switching seeds according to prescription map, or configure to volumetric seeding or nutrient delivery with single hybrid planting. Jan-2016 Aug-2018
High-Speed Seed Delivery Controls seed from seed plate to delivery in the furrow, with center-furrow ejection matching forward ground speed, eliminating bounce and roll at speeds of 8+mph. Compatible with Multi-Hybrid Precision Seed Meter. July-2016 Aug-2018